Customs clearance services

"GLOBALTRANS" offers cargo customs clearance as in port Saint-Petersburg, Novorossiysk as well as in Moscow region and other parts of Russia. "GLOBALTRANS" high-skilled customs specialists at a reasonable charge can competently confirm correct HS code and on a tight timetable prepare all necessary documents, for passing smoothly all customs-clearance procedures.

Usual checklist of documents required for customs clearance for goods imported to Russia:

  • international agreement between seller and buyer; 
  • commercial invoice; 
  • payment confirmation; 
  • passport of transaction; 
  • packing list; 
  • specification of goods in Russian; 
  • transport documents (bill of lading, CMR, airwaybill, ferry ticket or railwaybill); 
  • all required certificates, licenses, according to Russian law; 

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