Oversized and heavy cargo transportation

The Globaltrans core business profiles are export and import transportation of oversized equipment, construction and agricultural machinery other oversized, heavy, superheavy and project cargoes throughout Russia, the CIS countries, Europe, USA, countries of South-East, Africa, Latine America and many other countries of the world.

The Globaltrans specialists are highly qualified in logistics operations of oversized cargo from any location throughout the world by trucks, sea, river or railway with transshipment at international and Russian seaports, airports at frontiers and railway hubs.

For transportation of oversized and heavy cargo by trucks the Globaltrans experts will arrange providing of any required permissions, determine the type and quantity of trucks, ensure timely availability of transportation vehicles and competent supervision over loading and fastening of cargo, and will inform the customers on cargo location in transit.

Globaltrans experts can arrange customs clearance of the cargo by the clients request.

Globaltrans LLC offers sea transportation of oversized and heavy cargo in break bulk (loading of cargo on board vessel without any containers) or in special “flat rack” containers (a flat rack container has a platform with collapsible ends) or in “open top” containers.

The Globaltrans experts will choose the optimal type of container, arrange giving out of empty container from the shipping line container-stock, arrange delivery of the container under loading to the shippers warehouse as the customer may request, will supervise fastening of cargo by the shipper, will arrange additional packing of the cargo to protect it from possible outside effects if needed, arrange loading of the container on board a vessel, ensure continuous tracking of cargo in transit to the port of destination where will arrange timely filing of documents for cargo release from shipping line as well as filing of the corresponding documents for customs clearance. Upon arrival of cargo at the port of destination Globaltrans experts will ensure timely takeout by trucks or railway.

Every detailed cargo drawings, demonstrative photos, goods description and shipping documents (invoices, packing lists) can be of much help for the Globaltrans experts to offer the most practical, safest and cheapest itinerary with minimum transshipments and to determine the quantity and type of transportation vehicles as well as to calculate the cost of delivery and customs duties.

Furthermore, the Globaltrans specialists can visit the site to get exact meterings of the cargo, as their clients may request, assist in working up and signing the international trade contract, prepare the required set of shipping documents, determine corresponding customs codes (HS codes), and arrange registration of the customer with the customs authorities, and further customs clearance.

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