GLOBALTRANS possesses wide possibilities in organization of international cargo aircarriages including: export, import, transfer of cargo between foreign countries. At the moment the most asked-for air transportation directions are from China, Southeast Asia and USA.We closely cooperate with “Aeroflot”, “Lufthansa Cargo”, “Air France”, “Delta Airlines”, “British Airways”, “ Swiss Air” and many others.


«GLOBALTRANS» staff undertakes complete process of delivery which includes: cargo labeling, preparation of required certificates, shipping, providing insurance and customs documentation, handling, weighing and arranging timely customs clearance.

We offer convenient, reliable, profit-proved, personal, time-tested logistic solutions.

We are pleased to deliver your cargo directly to any specified international airport in maximum short space of time.

As an alternative possibility we can provide our customers with compound delivery "Air+Truck" via our transit warehouse.

Terms, routing, time of dispatch and all necessary export/import papers for your cargo will be coordinated by our agents on-the-fly.

By customers will we offer consolidation service and can unite several cargos from different shippers.

We can also offer consolidation and cargo handling on our transit warehouses in Latvia (Riga), Finland (Kotka, Helsinki, Hamina), in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Bremerhaven), Italy (Milan);

By present day the most popular scheme of delivery still remains delivery "Door-2-Door".

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